Time Waster’s

Hi there fellow daygamer.

So far 300 sets in and, what I have learnt?

When you manage to get phone number’s this is what happens:

Half ghost you,

The other half of that half are Time waster’s.

Leave’s you with only a fraction left over that are direct with you and, don’t play games.

Alan Roger Currie has a book on this subject matter about Time Waster’s. His book is called ‘No Free Attention: How Women use The Possibility of Sex to Manipulate Naive and, Lustful Men’.

Red Quest has a blog post on this subject as well about how alot of daygamer’s experience this phenomenon alot on dates especially with girls in their early 20’s. Seem’s to be most common.

So how does a daygamer screen out Time Waster’s?

What I have noticed is that when you do teasing and, challenging you end up with alot of Time Waster’s.

Here’s the trick, if you do sexual tension at the beginning of the set, I found you screen out alot of Time Waster’s and, end up with a smaller amount of phone number’s but you also end up with more Instant Dates which end with solid numbers.

According to Alan Roger Currie’s book you have 2 types of Time Waster’s.

One is a normal type and, the other is a cock teaser.

I found that if you do sexual tension at the beginning of the set (see Steve Jabba for how to do sexual tension) you cull out the normal type of Time Waster.

But you are still left with the cock teaser Time Waster.

And the direct girls who are up for it, sex that is.

Lesson’s learnt after 300 sets in field?

1. Do Maradona move to test for sexual tension as soon as possible right at the beginning of set.

2. If you get a handshake do sexual tension (again check out Steve Jabba to learn how to do sexual tension).

3. Then go into your teasing routine as normal and, rapport, qualification etc.

4. Over text messaging vacuum for 24 to 48 hours before sending the 2nd text, then call her.

5. Get her on the phone, rack up comfort time and, seduction both at the same time over the phone. (If you wanna know how to do seduction over the phone just send me an email: paul_n175@hotmail.com.

Now that your armed with more knowledge to your arsenal….go forth and, multiply?!

I mean conquer.

Model from the weekend in a 2 set, similar to her but younger

Instant Date

Hi there fellow daygamer.

I made another discovery on the weekend’s sarge.

About to drop another golden nugget.

Are you ready?!

How to Instant Date close;

Step 1, Have a 7 to 10 minute interaction with the Hot Babe.

To do this, she needs to be talking while you shutup and, listening.

Parroting and, vacuuming helps with this. That is you repeat her last words back to her and, listen.

Once you have the set upto around 7 minutes then you close for a coffee around the corner.

I found if the set duration is 5 minutes, it’s not enough but if it’s around 7 to 10 minutes then she will accept your invite for a coffee then and, there on the spot.

Stay thirsty my friend’s

Dropping golden nugget’s my friend?!

Thursday’s Score Card

Was sarging with a mate and, he number closed for the first time. Was good to see. He was on a mental high after that and, started opening every gorgeous young thing we came across.

I was getting a bit jealous but that’s a good thing.

I was struggling with alot of married women. I was sarging during office hours so I was coming across more of them. Lot’s of it’s On sets thou, very good.

Toward’s the end of the day near the end of a 4 hour sarge, I got an IOI green light from a young stunner from across the street.

Like a lion I went after her and did a front stop. She loved it. Had a 7 minute kooing giggling and, flirtatious set. Number closed her and, was on my way.

That set blew my mind and, I was on a mental high after that. Made the entire days work worthwhile.

Similar to her but younger


Sarged on Saturday and, discovered a little glitch in the game:

Was doing more front stops (Nick Krauser was right). Front stops scare the girl a little and, get her submitting from the start. Very powerful. Was doing more of them and, with the 3 things you need (eye contact, stop signal with hand gesture and, most important **Conviction**).

2nd discovery was teasing and, challenging. The revelation that dawned on me was that you gotta keep hitting her with a wide array of teases not just one. The objective should be to get the girl rooted to the ground with her feet like a tree so she doesn’t keep moving. You achieve this through constant bombardment of teases and, challenges.

Try to keep this up for as long as possible or until she asks a question.

The trick is in the spontaneity of the teasing.

The moment you sense she is about to start moving her feet, close her out with the Tom Torero close.

First she will say, “I gotta get going I’m meeting a friend”. Then her feet will shift slightly away from you. You will be able to feel this shift when the set is near it’s end.

Then close “You’ve gotta go, I’ve gotta go….but another time, I’d like to invite you out for a cup of coffee……what do you say?”

If she does not use the word ‘no’ then anything else is a signal to lead and, take her number.

“I’ll get your number”. Hand her the phone.

A couple of the girls initiated the feeler text straight away after closing a couple of hours later.

Never had that happen before.


Felt like Neo on the weekend.
I think I’m the one?!


I went on a date the other night. I did the comfort thing etc but, I did make one fundamental mistake.

I surrendered the frame.

Lesson learnt from date….women are always testing your frame. The reason is that women love strenght in a guy.

The moment you fail her test and, surrender the frame, you then enter hers automatically.

Her pussy stops tingling for you and, she loses interest in you.

Note to self: When ever tee ing up logistics for the date, always set the date, time and, venue.

Always lead…lead….lead.

If she flakes to test your frame then next her.


Could have been me…..but I fucked up!?

The 50

What I am starting to learn about Opening sets and, getting idates, phone numbers, dates etc is that you need to have the abundance mentality to help with flaking.

Half your phone numbers flake, the other half don’t come out on dates. Pushing for idates works out only 25% of the time.

The end result is that you put all that hard work and, discipline in to have most of it fail.

At this point in the game you start to question why your even attempting to do daygame. Is it worth it etc.

This is where the never quit mindset comes into play (aka those Navy Seal guys in the US of A).

A weak minded gamma male or beta guy would quit because he just doesn’t have what it takes.

Whereas a Sigma male keeps going…and, going, and going.

The 50 sets you must Open every week to strengthen your mind against flaking comes from Tom Torero’s teachings. Thanks Tom for the foundations to game and, helping the next generation coming thru.

30 to 50 sets to open every week are the numbers.

As Alec Baldwin say’s in that movie ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’ “get likewise gentleman”.

Refering to the ancient Greek story of Sisyphus.

Cold war

What I’ve been learning since I’ve started Daygame is the power of the push (acknowledge Tom Torero).

Attraction is only done at the beginning of the set to hook the fish (girl).

The rest of the interaction up until you sleep with her is the push.

Does the push work? Yes, it does, only to well : )

Which brings me to the next conclusion. Relationships are adversarial but in a covert way.

Just think of the Cold war between the yanks (US of A) and, the Ruski’s (Russians).

No side ever went overt with their intentions to nuke the other. It was all covert.

That’s what I think relationships are like with women, if you use the power of the push to build attraction.

Which is the girl and, which the Man!

Score card from New years eve sarge

Pushed for an Instant date, went well, number closed. She responded to feeler text the next day.

Young asian chick HB8, had a boyfriend, I plowed alittle. 5 minute set, close but no cigar on idate close and, number close. Pushed for facebook. Said “I won’t tell him, if you don’t” and, winked at her. No success.

HB8 in her mid 20’s smoking and, waiting for a taxi outside station. Same outcome as above. Both sets loved my teasing etc etc. This girl thanked me sincerely for the compliment as I walked away. Close but no cigar.

Opened and number closed ordinary Philippino girl at train station as I got home. Sent feeler text the next day at lunch time. She responded.

Score card summary: 2 numbers and 1 idate. Both on and, in play. Will keep you posted with outcomes.

Stay thirsty my friends )


There are 2 things you must do that help you Open consistently.

1. Workout everyday: This get’s you out of the house away from your smart phone device.

It also get’s you out of your head so you stop thinking about shit.

Gives you confidence to Open because you know your working on your SMV (value).

Gives you adrenaline which you need for energy to deal with the act of face to face meetings with girls. There’s something slightly confrontational in a non confrontational way when talking to someone you just met face to face. Must be AA (approach anxiety).

2. Don’t watch porn.

Not watching porn leads to having the urge to jerk off less.

This leads to being more horny and, overcoming AA easily.

You end up Opening girls more frequently.

The end result should be 30 to 50 approaches a week.

Happy hunting.

Don’t you wish you had this! Then Open some more sets you pussy.

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