High Value Women

I know this post is going to piss off some daygamers in the daygame community especially the pro’s but I’m gonna write my thoughts as honestly and, accurately as possible.

After doing around 700 daygame sets both K and R select, this is what I think….

Daygame is Mode 2 (google Alan Roger Currie). Whether you do K or R select game, it will only get you a girl who is at your SMV level or lower.

So if your a 7 in the SMP, your results will be 7’s and lower. If you do the numbers and, strike gold you might get an 8.

Steve Jabba said in one of his paid subscription tutorials that to paraphrase him “you have to break the girl, go in harder and, be more dominant if she is a brassy club girl v’s a shy student lets say” .

He was refering to verbal esculation but only fourth wall’ing it and, stopping short of being direct and, overt sexually given the ‘social context’ or “being socially intelligent”.

I agree upto a point.

This is where Mode 1 comes into play. To break the girl you must go mode 1.

If you want women 2 points above your SMV and, after casual sex then you have to go Mode 1 (See Alan Roger Currie).

Otherwise Daygame is a grind and, hardwork for a girl that’s equal value or below.

Just my thoughts and, nothing more.

What makes a man Alpha?

Hi there game enthusiast.

I think I know now what makes women see you as alpha. That is the bad boy they want to f@$k.

This is my no bullshit interpretation of it from over 700 approaches or daygame sets.

It’s not seeking affection from the girl.

You might ask, well how the f@$k does that work?!

Let me explain,

Girls sense instinctively when she wants to give affection because she’s looking for a provider (beta) male.

Guys fall into her web like a fly in a spiders web quit easily most of the time.

Why?! Because most guys give affection to the girl hoping and, thinking that she will automatically reciprocate by giving affection back.

It’s a flawed piece of thinking most guys have because they want a mother figure in their lifes.

Let me school you in on some biological truths about the universe.

Women give affection to attract a provider male.

Men provide and, women dole out the sex accordingly to keep the beta guy providing.

Women are said to have a dual mating strategy. That is to f@$k the guy/s with the right DNA while at the same time doling out the blow jobs to the k select (beta) husband/boyfriend for mowing the lawn on the weekends.

Tom Torero and, Nick Krauser are authorities on this subject matter to reference my point of view as well as my own experience infield.

The chemicals you seek just like a drug addict are as follows;

Sex = Serotonin release in your brain

Affection = Oxytocin

That’s right, women are drug dealer’s and, they dole out one or the other hits according to their dual mating strategy.

My theory is this;

If you go Fuck buddy (bad boy alpha dna sport fuck) you can’t go down to beta provider later.

If you go nice guy beta provider, you can’t go up later to alpha fucks (Rollo Tomassi coined term).

You have a choice, either you choose Affection drug hit or you go with Alpha fucks drug hit.

You can’t have both.

Another point to add, when you give affection to the girl, she sees you as week minded and, automatically puts you in the beta box.

The answer if you want to come across as alpha fucks is to follow Alan Roger Currie’s advice, that is “No Free Attention”.

Withdraw attention from women and, they will find you more sexually attractive, guaranteed.

They see you as strong willed and, wanna give it up to the strong minded guy.

It’s my conclusion that it is the strong minded guy that women find Alpha.

As Rollo Tomassi says all the time, “Beta bucks….Alphas fuck!”.

True fact of life from a wise man.

Maybe that’s what alpha looks like?!

Realistic Daygame Expectations.

This post is an attempt to expand on Tom Torero’s youtube video named ‘Realistic daygame expectations’.

For every 10 approaches = 1 number

100 approaches = 10 numbers

5 reply via text and, 2 come out on dates. 1 potential lay.

That’s nice guy daygame (k select).

R select get’s you these results also known as intermediate level stats.

5 approaches = 1 number

50 approaches = 10 numbers

5 reply via text

2 come out on dates

1 potential lay.

Now this next stat is R select game based on knowing your target audience (type of girls that most likely fancy your DNA).

3 approaches = 1 number

30 approaches = 10 numbers

5 numbers reply via text

2 come out on dates

1 potential lay.

Summary: K select = 100 approaches for 1 potential lay (Ratio: 1/100)

R select = 50 approaches for 1 potential lay (Ratio: 1/50)

R select knowing your niche girl type who respond well to your DNA type = 30 approaches for 1 potential lay (Ratio: 1/30)

Bad boys, bad boys…watcha gonna do when they come for you!

Texting class 101

Hi Gents,

This is what I’ve learnt from flakes over text;

If the girl is interested in you then she will text you back. Pretty basic right?

This is where the discipline and, skill of dealing with flaking and, one’s own affection addiction comes in!

Going radio silent over the text works wonders. Don’t vacuum 2 weeks as is not strong enough. Princess behaviour shall be treated with a 1 month vacuum.

Only do a 1 week vacuum off a feeler text if you have to.

If you’ve affected the girl heavily in anyway like for e.g sending a pic of you having coffee with a girls hand in the photo ping (jealousy plot) then she will call you to complain and, bitch to you. Good sign 😊

The sad news is that if she doesn’t text you back off the feeler text then it means she doesn’t fancy you.

If there has been some pinging going back and, forth and, then she drops of the radar, means she has shacked up with a fella.

If she’s pinging back but won’t come out on a date then it means she’s a timwaster and, your k select to her. No polarity, set was fucked from the beginning. (happens if you do k select sets. R select sets will screen against these types).

Good polarity.

Today’s Sarge stats

Hello Daygamer,

Just thought I’d give you an insight into my R select game stats.

Did 15 sets: Got 3 solid sets.

These are the inset predictions for each of the 3;

Set 1: American girl HB 8, 5+ minute set, sexually on but had a boyfriend da dee da. Result was attracted to me but not available.

Set 2: Chinese HB 8.5, was very nice indeed, 5 + minute set, did not invest, nice floppy hand but moved away when touched her hair. Result was avaible but not attracted to me.

Set 3: Australian white girl HB 9, was stunning, looked like Jessica Rabbit but with long black hair and, dressed in black dress tight, big knockers. 5 + min set and, was sexually on. Had boyfriend, overcame the boyfriend to get number time bridge. Result was sexually attracted to me but has a boyfriend. See what happens on this and, if it leads anywhere or just a flake?!

I’m Roger Rabbit!

Dichotomy between Sex and, Love

Hi there committed Daygamer,

I just had my first +1 on the weekend. I won’t go into the details but just to say yeah Daygame works.

What I learnt from the total experience of doing Daygame to get the lay is that Daygame is hard work.

I think the thing that keeps me going in Daygame to plough on through the rejection’s and, failures is the bigger picture.


To serve ‘love’. When I lead with love it makes my vibe better for teasing and, challenging. It makes the dates better. It gives you a reason to push through to the first 1 – 4 opens then stick with it for the next hour or two.

It basically gives you a big reason to do Daygame consistantly over a long period of time.

This brings me to the dichotomy of seeking sex first (R select game) not love.

What happens is when you vibe of love but present yourself as the R select guy for casual sex it ultimately leads to love after the sex is done and, dusted (after the +1).

So here is the irony of it all, if you present yourself as K select (nice guy beta male) you don’t get rewarded by the girl which is ‘love’. Obviously this is a romantic view most guys dream up in their thick skulls.

But here’s the thing, if you lead with R select (casual sex only), you end up with a choice of showing love afterwards or just making it a one night stand.

Put simply, the girl rewards you and, wants to lock you down for love or I could be wrong, provider status?!

Who knows!

Like a rubics cube for every 1 problem you solve, you create another two or three or four!!!

But I got the +1 and, that’s all that matters right.

Sex or Love?!

Boyfriend, Partner, Married

After ruminating with my thoughts over the sets that I’ve done, what I’ve noticed with women is that if after a 5 + minute set, if they don’t overtly mention a fella and, they don’t part with the phone number but part with a Facebook or Instragram instead, it’s because she has a fella waiting in the wing’s and, is still deciding whether to jump ship.

Let’s say you get the phone number but she doesn’t invest much over the text and, drops of the radar?

This suggests she’s got a fella and, has decided to shack up with him and, make him a priority over you.

As Al Pacino say’s in that movie ‘Anygiven Sunday’, “that’s Daygame fellas and, that’s all it is”.

Her beta half!

Predictions in Set

Hi there,

Another post from down under, not literally hehe ; )

I was sarging the other day and, had tested ‘Krauser’s in set predictions post’.

How to predict what the outcome would be, here’s my experience;

1. Time in set 10 seconds – 2 minutes = Not attracted to you, not available (has boyfriend etc)

2. Time in set 3 – 4 minutes, struggling to get to the 5 minute mark = Not attracted to you, is available.

3. Time in set 5 + minutes, but has to go, has a boyfriend etc = Sexually attracted to you, but not available.

4. Time in set 5 + minutes, comes on an Instant date or gives you her number = Sexually attracted to you, and available.

Conclusion: Most of my sets are either blow outs or in the no. 3 category. I will usually hit category no. 4 on my 12th 13th or 15th set.

If you have to get a facebook or instagram from her on a 5 + minute set then chances are she’s taken but has one foot out the door so to speak.

On other news I had a date 1 the other night and, physically escalated to the kiss in a dark alley way : )

Won’t go into details but to say, thank god for Day Game. Credit ‘London Day Game Model’ Nick Krauser, Tom Torero, Steve Jabba.

Pickup from weekend Sarge, Columbian chick, tight ass in tight black jeans ; )

Not her but close.

R selection game

Went R select today, did 12 sets, got 1 Instant date and, 1 Instagram. About another 4 x 4 – 5 minute sets, close but no cigar.

Instant date went like this;

5 to 7 min set, then coffee close, about 15 to 20 minutes on coffee date, then lead to walk in the park, around 40 minutes on that.

Then lead her to bar, 1 drink each. Couldn’t convince her for a second so I time bridged her with number close.

Exchanged numbers and, IOD’d her away to another day (date).

Kino ladder ticks and, misses:

1. Fingers (ring) = tick

2. Compare tans = tick

3. Floppy test = Orange

4. Ear lobes (ear rings) = tick

5. Eye fucking = tick

6. Shoulders = tick

7. Ankle lift (shoe check) = tick

8. Sat side by side = Orange

9. Close distance = Red light

10. Hand hold to kiss test = Red

Summary of idate, I was in and, out with Torero Toe move over the course of the entire interaction because she kept creating tiny distance then letting me have it.

I felt she was off and, on all the time but she was on more when in a dimly lit bar setting.

Her 1 drink : (

Any Given Saturday

Did 22 sets, half side stops, half front.

AA hit that for six (cricket term), felt invisible by the end of the day.

Did the Tiger eyes, Maradona move, Torero toe, Steve Jabba touch, kino’d on 2 solid sets, 1 was an Instant date.

Kino ladder:

Hair, fingers, compare hand sizes, compare tans, ear lobes, shoulder, upper arm, and floppy test.

Used the “Gotta keep my eyes up” credit Krauser, she giggled, she loved it.

Used the ‘good girl, bad girl’ credit Krauser. She absolutely loved it.

Closed on “should go out for a drink”, sexual intent credit Krauser.

Summary: Went R selection game today, didn’t hide my dick, filtered out K selection girls.

Was fucking great : )

Just like that movie ‘Anygiven Saturday’, gotta fight for every inch and, anything can happen on any given Sunday’ (Saturday).

She’s cheering you on…just put it in the hole.
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